Elle Affair Packages

The initial consultation is just for us to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. We can help guide you, if needed, to identify your taste, style, budget, and vision, so that we can make the most of our time together and give you a great starting point for your planning. This consultation can last up to one hour.

Elle’Clusion  Plus Package
This package is designed for the couple who began planning for their wedding on their own and quickly realized they need help with creative ideas and the professional support of a wedding planner. It does not matter where you are in the planning process, we will step in and pick up where you left off. We will give you that peace of mind you are looking for, so you can enjoy the rest of the planning process.

Starting  at $3500

Elle’Clusive  Package
From the engagement to the honeymoon, this package includes all aspects of Elle’Clusion and Elle’Clusion Plus, with more in-depth assistance throughout the entire planning process and complete event design. This service comes as our most highly recommended—being with you from the very beginning allows us to help you with one of the most important steps to planning a wedding: developing a budget. We’ll prepare comprehensive vendor lists, determining which ones would be the best fit based on your “couple style,” vision for your big day, and budget, and set up detailed plans to help keep you on track. An added bonus with this package is coordination of your out-of-town guests—including RSVPs, assistance with hotel reservations. You can trust us to take care of business on this day (including handling breakdown when you’re heading off on your honeymoon. 

Elle Affair meets with their clients to discuss the event and discover the client’s goals and desires for the event. The client’s budget and the numerous costs associated with the event are also discussed. Then, we work with our clients to create an event theme/color scheme. We also attends numerous logistics meetings to ensure that preparation for the event is progressing on schedule, within budget and according to the client’s specifications.

Elle Affair knows that there are a lot of little extras that pop up while planning for any event. We offer the following services that make your life that much easier:

Personal Styling: shopping for event day attire, accessories for you. Putting together a complete look from head to toe!

Event website: creation of your own event website.

Destination Events

Handling of your RSVP’s (can include receiving and tracking your RSVP’s)

Elle’Clusion Package
This package is designed for the couple that prefer to plan most of the wedding yet require a little more assistance and would like to enjoy the last month of their engagement by having a wedding coordinator take the burden of tying up any loose ends and last minute arrangements. Highlights of this package include a pre-planning meeting to discuss the details 5 weeks prior to the wedding date, contacting of vendors, creation of your wedding day timeline, coordination of your rehearsal and much more.

Starting at $1200

Vendor management is also handled by Elle Affair. We coordinate the services of florists, decorators, photographers and other vendors and event staff to ensure that the event location is properly cleaned, decorated and maintained at a comfortable temperature. We also oversee the catering for the event, ensuring that the food is served at the right time and temperature, and we oversee the bartending staff. It’s important that we coordinate entertainment, handle the delivery of packages and equipment pertaining to the event, handle payments and address any problems that may arise.

We handle hotel accommodations for the event’s attendees. Elle Affair selects the hotel, negotiate prices and we may book hotel rooms on behalf of the client. As The Event Planner, we coordinate transportation services, which may include selecting an air carrier, arrival and departure dates and times, and booking a flight. Ground transportation services may include securing buses, vans and limousines to transport clients and guests to and from the event site, as well as to other places such as airports or tourist attractions.

Starting at $4500